Wrapping Up 2017 with Purpose and Peace

Wrapping Up 2017 with Purpose and Peace

For one moment everyone forgot their problems, looked to the sky and smiled.

When do we ever make it a priority to look up to the sky in amazement and chat with strangers about the sun and the moon? Our very existence is a miracle and the fact that we are on a small blue planet that revolves around a large star made of fire, where the Earth follows a very specific orbit that keeps us from catching on fire, or burning to death is amazing. You are made of what the stars are made of; whatever created the universe and and all the galaxies also created you. Yet we get caught up believing that we aren’t enough. We get lost searching for happiness and our purpose in a million different addicting and distracted ways. At what point did we really start to believe that we weren’t enough…that we aren’t this miraculous soul having and creating a human experience?

This is an important time for you to shed the confusion around who you think you are and what it is you think you deserve. Your fears, anxieties, misconceptions of lack are all ego based and live in your mind. You need to allow yourself to shine from the very core of who you really are. You need to fully love the greatness that lives within you. You have a very important role and purpose in this life, and to ignore it is to only create a half lived life filled with wasted energy.

Now is the time to get clear on the things that bring you joy and to do the things that make you shine brighter. Gravitate to those real connections that pull you to your light and let your heart guide your decisions. No matter how much darkness you have been dealt you are still pure light, a pure perfect soul. The struggles you have faced this year require you to bravely transform and to wake up! Fight for your dreams, speak for what’s right and be the constant conscientious change that pulls other’s towards their own greatness. As with everything the fun is to be had on the journey, so don’t get consumed with the idea of finding clarity right now. Be patient and you’ll notice that more clarity will come as you trust the process, trust God, and trust in your ability to deal with whatever challenges you are facing.


Here’s are a few journal questions you can ask yourself over the next few weeks:

What do you need to fully phase out of your life?

What are you now ready to let go of control of?

What are you ready to fully embrace and to ask for?

Where can you have more courage regarding your dreams/destiny?

Write down how you want the end of the year to play out as though it has already happened. Explain in detail how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Script how you managed the holidays, family, and your health. Manifest the ways in which the next few months are fully of beauty, peace, joy, and time to pause.