Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Most of us are severely deficient in Vit D even if you’re living in sunny California. I went to see an Integrative Wellness Dr. last year, and I was complaining about my lack of energy, mental fog, mild depression, weight gain…just overall exhaustion! After a very comprehensive blood panel, my results were that I was deficient in Vit D and that my adrenals were exhausted. I was prescribed natural vitamins, and asked a few hard questions, like what brings you joy and what do you strictly do for your own happiness. The great news is that within a day of taking my Vit D supplement I felt like I was back to my normal, happy, energy-full self! I even remember teaching my pilates clients and jokingly saying, “I’m backkk!” haha.

Vit D is a steroid hormone (most powerful hormone in your body) that you get from sunlight exposure or from diet/supplements. Vit D is literally involved in all of your cells, tissue, metabolism, and proper functioning of your entire system. It’s easy to understand why being deficient can really throw you out of balance on every level. I always assumed that I would get plenty of Vit D living in CA and that driving my car with the sun shining through the windows was enough exposure. Here’s where it gets interesting! UVB light is not transmitted through your windows and UVB is responsible for the sun light turning to cholesterol and then to Vit D, eventually making it into your blood stream. UVA is transmitted through windows, it causes skin cancer and destroys Vit D in your system. In order to get the sun’s rays to actually work and to turn into Vit D you need to get outside daily. It takes 48 hours (YES, 2 full days) for the UVB rays to go from your skin and to get into your blood stream. Meaning if you shower and wash your skin with soap, there goes your Vit D! Crazy, right?!

When our Vit D levels are sufficient it helps to protect us from 16 different kinds of cancer, kills cancer by 60% (Canadian Cancer Society), osteoporosis, MS, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, fights cold and flu viruses, prevents all autoimmune diseases, and helps deal with depression.

On average most people tend to need about 8,000iu a day. I take 10,000iu about 4x per week and when I feel like I’m getting sick then I take 20,000iu for a day or two to boost my immune system. There are medical journals stating that it’s impossible for you to get the flu virus if you have sufficient Vit D levels (natural flu shot)! My doctor friends usually prescribe 5,000iu a few times a week to their patients on average. You want to make sure when buying a supplement that it’s a natural form of Vit D3 and not D2 which is the synthetic version. Also, be sure that your Vit D supplement is also paired with Vit K2; K2 enhances the absorption of your Vit D supplement, it also prevents calcium from building up in your arteries I now give my kids daily D3 and have noticed that they haven’t been as sick as previous years.

It’s best to get a blood test to check your levels, and of course consult with your doctor before starting any new supplements, but I wanted to share all this info with you. I found it to be amazing studying all the cancer research with Vit D and just overall health and wellness in general. There’s more information regarding this topic at and it happens to be one of my very favorite sites to read, and learn from.