Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte

With the holidays comes extra fun and with that extra fun comes extra drinks, extra sugary desserts, extra food comas, and an overall feeling of sluggishness, puffiness and maybe even some minor aches and pains. Sugar is the problem to all of your ailments, and there isn’t much that a great workout, and a healthy diet can’t fix. Much of our nutritional habits revolve around our emotions, rather than an actual need for food. Try this the next time you decide to eat, be mindful and see what emotions you are feeling as you go to dig into whatever it is you want to consume. Do you feel bored, lonely, fearful…do you feel anything at all? We get sucked into using food to bring us a sense of enjoyment, involvement, or just as something to keep us busy.

Now, trust me, I know that you are more than your body and I also understand that you are more than what you choose to feed yourself, but your body allows you to be here in this moment and it allows you to live out your purpose to the best of it’s ability. If you feed yourself mindfully, organically, and in a way that feeds into your health, then chances are that whatever you are meant to be doing while you’re here will be done with an even greater connection to source, to self and to nature. A healthy body that feels good and is loved, cared for, and respected is the paintbrush that allows you to create your life’s masterpiece.

Okay, I’m done ranting/cheering and here’s my little secret weapon that I’ll be drinking to help combat sugar cravings and to help lower my own inflammation.


Spiced Turmeric Latte 

-1 inch of fresh turmeric root peeled or about 1 teaspoon organic turmeric powder

-1/2 inch of fresh ginger peeled, or 1/2 teaspoon organic ginger powder

-1 teaspoon raw, unfiltered honey

-1 1/2 cups of your favorite milk (I enjoy coconut milk, hemp or fresh almond milk)

-1/2 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon

-1/4 teaspoon freshly ground organic nutmeg (use a microplane!)

-small pinch of sea salt

-add stevia drops until desired sweetness


  1. Add all of the above ingredients into your blender and blend until frothy and fully combined.
  2. Next add the liquid into a small pot and warm up the mixture until desired temperature.
  3. Sprinkle with a little extra microplaned nutmeg and serve.


Enjoy friends!