Show Yourself Some Love

Show Yourself Some Love

We live in a society that prides itself on all the things we do.  What we can accomplish in a day, for some, sets the standard of our self worth. We get attached to the idea of being busy, as being productive, and being productive as being better, and being superior in general.  But at the end of the day, how many of us really feel at peace?  I’m talking soul, blissed out, peace…

I believe that the laundry list of “things” that we need to get done is a distraction.  Sure, there are actual things that one must do in a day, but there are hundreds of useless activities that tie up our attention for no reason at all.  How many times do you catch yourself on social media sites when you should be present with your family? Why do you try to do 3 things at once as opposed to just 1 thing at a time?

When we are busy we are distracted from not only the good moments in our life, but also the ones that we are running from. We often break down our bodies so significantly that we then have some sort of major breakdown, or illness that requires us to stop; to stop everything.  It usually takes one with a major injury, virus, disease, or overall loss of health to then see that their life needs some adjusting.

I also push too hard, over schedule, over work, but I’ve made a promise to myself to practice Ahimsa.  Ahimsa means to not injure, to not harm.  Most of us need to show ourselves some kindness, so that we can bring this sense of peace and love to our families, friends, jobs and communities.

Through self-care one can begin to listen to the signals of the body and to tap into your own inner wisdom and the bodies natural healing capabilities.  In order to live a full life there needs to be time devoted to restoring our bodies, our minds, and to deal with our emotions.  Here are my favorite tips on how you can create more space in your life for you.

  • Create a self-care pattern/routine. Write down three things every week that you want to do to create more balance in your life. List things that will lift you up emotionally, physically, mentally. For me personally, these things are usually small, but bring me so much peace!  Here are my top 3 for this week: self Reiki, hot bath with essential oils, restorative yoga practice.  Some other idea’s might be a girl’s night out, a Pilates class, daily meditation, walking outside, booking a massage, acupuncture, foam rolling, etc.
  • Journal about the things that are going on in your life that are good.  The things that make you happy.  Just jotting down a few quick sentences about what is going right in your life will help to shift your energy and bring more of the good stuff your way.  I usually start with the basic foundational needs, like how thankful I am that I live my life with integrity.  I practice kindness and I’m teaching my children that nothing is quite as important as being kind to the people we meet.  I then go on to structural blessings like my health, the balance I work to create daily, and the emotions that come to mind when I think about my friends and family.  Then on to the practical stuff which can sometimes be taken for granted: our house, the food we eat daily, and the way we interact as a family.  You can see how just a small list of  “love” can turn into so much more, and for those bad days when you need a boost you can go back and re-read your list.
  • Do a Supported Relaxation Pose…just trust me on this!  If you do anything from this list of tips this should be the one you try.  This pose will help you achieve an inner state of bliss.  As you relax in this pose you will activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System which will help calm you down, increase your digestion, balance your hormones, relieve stress, and balance your heart chakra. It’s best to do these types of poses for at least 5 mins, so set the timer on your phone and commit to whatever time you can.  Pick a soothing song or some calming music and make yourself as comfortable as possible with whatever props you need.  Close your eyes, settle into the posture, and observe your breath.  Work towards balancing out your breath…4 counts for an inhale, pause, 4 counts for an exhale and pause.  Whenever your mind starts to wander, bring your awareness back to your breath.


  • Feed your body as though you love it!  Choose foods that are going to strengthen you and cultivate health.  I don’t believe in overly beating ourselves up over eating a cookie, or chocolate.  There needs to be balance in your diet and while I feel so much better without processed carbs and sugar, I know that there’s a time and place for a great dessert, your favorite wine, etc.  Tap into how eating certain foods makes you feel. Notice if your blood sugar is stable and if your mood is stable after a few hours of the meals that you eat.  It’s about being present in your body to understand if the things that you are eating are benefiting you physically and mentally or if they aren’t. Do what you can to show yourself love by choosing healthy, organic, non processed, whole foods and watch how your mood and your body change for the better.


Hopefully this list helps you become more present and brings awareness to the miracle that is you and the world you live in.