Setting Clear Intentions for 2018

Setting Clear Intentions for 2018

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore. There’s too much pressure, failure, guilt and shame that all cycles around this being the very best year ever, as long as you stick to resolutions that you made months. Which, mind you when making such resolutions, did you honestly expect yourself to keep them? There’s no way of knowing what this year will have in store for you, but resolutions are made without any accountability for the fact that life happens and stuff changes…you change. This year I decided to throw all the resolutions out the door and to instead get clear on my intentions and goals, month by month.

Some people don’t know the difference between a goal and an intention, so let’s clear that up now:

A goal is something that you want in a specific way, by a certain time. Does this ring any bells for my “type A”, to-do list savvy, whiteboard fan friends?! I’m sure that most of us can all relate to this, to some degree.

An intention is based on you mentally aligning with your heart upon some sort of action, or result that you want to manifest. It’s a bit deeper than a goal, but also much simpler. It’s a mindful approach to aligning with what your heart/soul wants, vs. the next logical, brain based step like in a goal.

For every month on my calendar I’m going to set an intention for myself. The beauty of intentions is that one intention, like “presence” can turn into additional intentions based on the type of day that’s thrown my way. Sometimes wanting presence comes in the form of slowing down to fully find the beauty around me. Other times it means that I actively listen to my spouse, rather than just tune out his golf game recap. Ha! It’s a practice, and your intentions are the stepping stones to you creating the year that you want.

Goals are important too; don’t get me wrong! I start with my overall intention for the month, and then below that I list a few goals that I want completed within that month. Usually I try to aim for 1 personal goal (something that I’m doing just for me), then 1 business related goal (which usually turns into 3) and then 1 goal related to service (giving back to the community). Goals are what hold us accountable, since they revolve around being completed within a certain time, so making mini goals every month…one month at a time, seems to bring me a greater sense of focused inspiration.

Here’s how you can do this with me, and I hope that you do!

  1.  Get a calendar…your phone doesn’t have the same visual pull like seeing your hand written goals on your wall. There’s an energetic shift that comes with actually writing down what you hope to achieve for the month, that your phone can’t give you.
  2.  Create time to feel. A few days before the next month, give yourself time to write, meditate, journal and observe the intuitive messages that are coming your way. How do you want to feel this next month? What things could you achieve that would bring you peace? Overall if you could narrow your intention down to one word, what would it be?
  3. Write down your intention. Use that one intention based word that resonated with you, and find a quote that further speaks to that main intention. Then every time you are looking at your schedule, the list of activities, etc. you will be reminded of the energy that you hope to be pouring into all those experiences.
  4. Jot down your goals, as simply as possible. Again, these are mini goals that can be managed this month, so make them obtainable.

I honestly believe that nothing worth having just walks into your life. I believe you call exactly what you have into fruition, based on where your mind tends to drift, and the ways that you chose to view the world. This year make it a priority to presently manifest what it is you want to accomplish, how it is you want to feel, and all the ways in which you can grow to be a more connected, much more grateful, happy person.

Cheers to making 2018 your best year ever!