My Story

It always amazes me that ordinary moments in life can turn into extraordinary ones and it is these simple moments that can forever change the course of your life.  I clearly remember my moment, 12 years ago,  when I decided to make a life change, live from my heart and follow my passion. In that moment I trusted my instinct and switched my major from accounting to nutrition.  I used that nutrition background paired with my passion to change lives to then become a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Yoga and Pilates Instructor.

Since that most important moment in my life, I have gained a sense of my true purpose and am even more motivated to spread that love and energy to my clients.  It is that very energy that leads me to teach about total body wellness.  I help my students appreciate the simple things- gratitude for our ability to move our bodies and connection to the present moment. This purpose has led me on a journey that includes countless certifications, trainings and workshops.  I never want to stop learning and cultivating my skills in Pilates, Yoga and the mind-body connection.

My teaching style incorporates various training techniques and that is what makes me unique from other instructors. Whether it’s Vinyasa Flow, HIIT, Pilates Mat/Reformer, Reiki or Urban Zen practices, there is always a seamless blend to what I offer, often combining techniques in a single session.  I believe that our fitness journey should address the mind and body as a whole. There should be the physical component that helps to build and strengthen us, the breath that helps to center and energize us and lastly the spiritual connection that helps to awaken, guide and connect us.  Addressing the body as a whole creates a space for us to really feel what we may be going through, then emotionally heal from it. Because remember, you are so much more than just a physical body.  In each and every class of mine it’s my purpose to teach to the whole you.

This blending of all of practices has created a unique methodology that has my clients transforming from the inside out. They are finding new levels of love and compassion for themselves and others. That’s the real beauty of life isn’t it? Remembering that we are only here temporarily and that we’re meant to live in a way that has us feeling alive, strong, connected and appreciative for every single moment.

Ashley Howard