Feeling the Love

``My key takeaways from this class are 1. That I can do anything if I believe in myself (including box jumps). 2. There is no secret to a hot bod, you have to work! 3. Only light and love can drive out the darkness. I’m so thankful for these last 6 weeks, the new friends I’ve made and the values I’ve restored.``


``I want you to know what a big impact our weekend in June Lake had on me. It was as good, if not better from a mental and spiritual standpoint then it even was from a fitness standpoint and LORD knows you kicked our asses! It was apparent that you put a lot of time and effort into creating such a meaningful weekend for everyone. I just wanted to thank you so much and for you to know that you made a lasting difference in my life.``


``What happens in Vegas, might stay in Vegas. But what happens at June Lake comes home with you. The tight ass, friendships, clear head space... it all comes home with you. I'm so thankful to Ashley for giving me this experience. I'll be back next year for sure.``


``My life is exponentially greater because of your presence. I'm so lucky to have you in my corner.``


``I am blessed to know you and thank you for helping me be confident in myself.``


``I have been a member of Yoga Works for almost 10 years now, and I have also been an employee of YogaWorks for several years. Ashley Howard is and has always been one of my most valued physical fitness instructors at YogaWorks. During my time of working as a fitness and yoga advisor, I recommended her to many yoga and fitness practitioners. She has a gift of combining both excellent communication of fitness cues and at the same time, articulating inspirational words of wisdom to motivate the student to reach and strive further throughout her class. Whenever I complete her class, I am inspired, rejuvenated, and filled with amazing strength.``


``Do it for the hashtags. If you aren't sure about this retreat, do it for the hashtags. You could do it for your booty. Because trust me, your ass will burn and tighten and pop. Or you could do it for your head space. You will declutter your brain and not only set, but really hone in on your intentions. Or you could do it for your heart. Who doesn't want to lift and lighten their heart? But if for nothing else, do it for the hashtags. Because after a gorgeous weekend with hilarious and awe-inspiring women you will have so many inside jokes that become really great hashtags for all the pictures you'll post. So do it for the #.``

Brittany D.

``Ashley Howard is truly one of a kind. My entire 20’s and early 30’s were filled with fad diet and crash plans one after another… Anything new I would try and 30 days later when it wasn’t working( as none of them do) I would give it up. As a career woman and mother of 2 in my late 30’s unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow that. I have always put my career and kids first and whatever extra time left was focused on my health. That all changed when I met Ashley. I learned I could have it all! She has taught me not only to make healthy food choices and where to start.. the best workouts for my body and most importantly to be the best version of me. I never thought I could manage my busy schedule, my kids schedule AND be able to workout physically and MENTALLY show up. Her passion for what she does will blow you away. She really has a love and passion for it and ultimately a love for YOU. I highly recommend setting yourself up with personal training and her challenges to find your best version of you.``

Jenn Wilder