Fasted Workouts

Fasted Workouts

Let’s chat about fasting and cardio! (Are you freaking out yet?)

Your body naturally fasts every night, so this shouldn’t be a topic that is too uncomfortable for you, but I know for some its a thing. From your last meal until you eat breakfast in the morning, your body is busy repairing, healing, detoxing and rebuilding all while you sleep. You are in a catabolic state in the morning and when you add in exercise you then switch the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) on which makes you burn more fat and lose more weight. When this happens your body actually has some minor oxidative stress, that jolts your body into utilizing fat for fuel, helps to prevent depression, boosts your testosterone, increases your growth hormone, and your ability to think clearly. It is one of the easiest ways for your body to regenerate itself stronger and to stay young. Aside from losing body fat, there are tons of studies reporting the benefits to your brain and nuero-motors after working out and fasting.

Now don’t go crazy thinking that you should be working out and starving yourself! You know I would die if you did that, and you would probably pass out in my class…Again I would die! Haha! Instead, pick a few days a week to do about 20-30 mins of cardio, or a mini circuit in a fasted state. The workouts you do shouldn’t be too hard or too long, but you should sweat and get your heart rate up. If you feel sick to your stomach, dizzy or light headed then you have gone too far and might want to start by eating a little bit of protein first before your workout.

If you are looking to increase your muscle mass and continue to get stronger then you should have protein before your workout and then an addition 20 grams of protein after, within an hour our your workout. If you are wanting to lean out a bit, then understand that you will lose the last few pounds of body fat when you fast and train, but you will also be burning through some of your hard earned muscle.

I usually recommend fasting and cardio 2-3x per week, first thing in the morning. Here’s the real kicker though; you MUST eat a fast digesting protein after! Workout and then make that protein smoothie with some peanut butter. The fat in the peanut butter will help to keep you full longer, stabilize your blood sugar, and fat helps to burn more fat.

As always check in with your body and be observant as to whether this really works for you. Your body has a voice , so listen when it speaks and keep track of the subtle differences on the days when you fast and workout, versus the days when you don’t. I really look forward to hearing about how this relates to you and your journey towards your transformation.