December: The Month to Heal

December: The Month to Heal

Hi Friends!

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious love-dislike, but mostly love with this time of year. I so enjoy spending time with my family, and taking this time as an opportunity to teach my kids about the true meaning of the season. The colder, darker nights have us all cuddling up together to play games, to make crafts and to watch Christmas movies, and it’s in those moments where you feel how good life is and how blessed you really are. The other side of this season though, is that I feel a sense of urgency to accomplish all of my mini goals that I set for myself and once I get to planning, I can’t seem to stop. Maybe it’s just the rush of everything needing to get done, or the intense schedule of all the places we have to be, but the struggle is real and it can leave a mom feeling wiped out, with the holidays passing by in hazy blur.

Let’s all choose to make December a month where we actually FEEL what it is we are doing. Let’s make it the month that we consciously make ourselves PAUSE when we feel that tornado like energy rushing through us, as we rush from one thing to the next. Let’s take some time to REFLECT on this past year, so that the challenges we faced in 2017 aren’t the same problems that we are dragging into 2018.

For me personally and for a lot of you that I know, 2017 was a trying, learning, curve ball throwing kind of year! There are so many moments that we can look back on with an immense sense of gratitude and peace, knowing that the biggest hardships we faced were for a greater purpose. However, like everything in life there are those moments that we didn’t handle so well; where we didn’t show up fully and where we definitely weren’t in alignment. Perhaps you’re still living in the struggle like state, but believe me when I say that the work you put into healing yourself is the best gift that you can give to those you love and to yourself.

You’ll start to notice if you haven’t already, that your past unresolved issues will continue to show up this month with Mercury retrograde leading this chance for us to re-evaluate, re-process and RE-act in ways that will better suit the growth that needs to happen as we evolve. You have to have the courage to fully and presently deal with your past shadows. You have to deal with them by feeling the emotions that are trying to work their way out of your body and it’s only by feeling it all, fully, that you will then be able to heal. Some of you may have read or seen on instagram how I was dealing, feeling and healing from my husband’s traumatic snowboarding accident early this year. I had to experience it all in order to get and work through it. What would it feel like if he died…I now know what that’s like. What would it feel like if he was paralyzed…I know understand that on a much deeper level. What would it feel like if the whole world stopped spinning and all you had was this moment to live for…yep, that happened this year as well. It was exhausting, it was awakening, it was absolutely necessary for both of us to experience. It was crucial, inevitable, and it was/is something that I am so grateful for.

The challenges that you face aren’t designed to break you, they are designed to build you; to realign you!  Can I get an AMEN!!!

As this year comes to a close make time for yourself to slow down…way down. Plan time to meditate, make yourself a warm bath and light some candles, go for some long walks or hikes, schedule that massage, call the friends who lift you up, and create the space needed for you to bring 2017 to a close with clarity.

Here are a few questions that I’ll be journaling, meditating and processing over this month; hopefully they will help you heal what needs healing:

What challenges do I keep continually facing that are blocking me from peace?

Who do you need to forgive this year? What would be the best way for you to forgive this person, that would bring you closure?

What have you learned this year from the challenges you’ve faced?

What do you need to forgive yourself for from this year?

Wishing you all healing, peace and presence this holiday season.