Be You, Be Amazing (Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse)

Be You, Be Amazing (Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse)

Happy almost end of January 2018!!! I hope that you are feeling inspired, energized and ready for the big, magical shifts that are manifesting your way this year. I wanted to share a little insight into tomorrow’s Full Moon, which happens to be called a Blue Moon, because there will be a total of 2 Full Moons for the month of January. It’s an uncommon thing for there to be 2 Full Moons, hence the name Blue Moon (once in a blue moon..) and then you add in that it’s a Super Moon (closer to the earth than usual) and a freaking total Lunar Eclipse! Nothing like starting out 2018 with a bang, which is why I believe that this is year is going to be super transformative.

This eclipse brings us into a new eclipse season; closing the previous eclipse season from last summer. You will notice a sense of closure and healing that has been building over the past 6+ months. A peaceful feeling that settles into you, knowing that you are exactly in the moment you are meant to be in, and the people around you are all there for a very specific reason. Build deeper relationships with the women around you. There’s a deep feminine energy to this Blue Moon that should have you feeling further connected and bonded to women that you know, and to the women that you don’t that are out fighting for your rights.

Since it’s a Leo eclipse there will be a sense of pride in how far you’ve come over the past 6 months, along with a sense of wanting to celebrate the hard moments that have added up to now. Let that fiery Leo sign further fuel you into being yourself, into living out your dreams and into claiming the abundance that is waiting for you! You may notice a little more gossip or drama, as you begin to rise up to your full purpose. What others say or think of you has no merit if you are living your life authentically and lovingly. Let the talkers and haters do just that, and continue to rise. Nothing will steal your light like listening to people who don’t love and believe in themselves.

The shadow side to this eclipse is that it will help to bring out the areas in our life we haven’t yet healed. Watch your reactions over the next few days and observe the moments, people and situations that make you overly sensitive. It’s in those sensitive moments that we are reminded what we need to allow to come up…what we can allow our light to shine on in order to heal. For many of us this will deal with our inner critic, that lack of love we are all searching for. How can you show yourself love this week? Maybe schedule a nap, book that massage, forgive yourself, eat foods that make you feel good, forgive someone else,  journal, do yoga, etc.

I wholeheartedly believe that it’s our purpose to unapologetically be ourselves; to step into our dharma (purpose) and to shine…TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Now is the time for you to do YOU! Take all this extra energy, clarity, momentum, and apply it to your true purpose. You need to be courageous right now, more than ever. Step into who you know you are to be, deep down vs. who you have been told to be, even if that voice putting you down/holding you back happens to be your own. Ditch the self limiting, self sabotoging bull and know that that is your mind talking, not who you really are. You are so much more than the endless chatter floating in your head!

Don’t let your light scare you!!! Don’t let your potential stop you!! Don’t let yourself find comfort in mediocrity; walking half dead through your life! Dare to dream and them make it happen! Now is the time!!!

All my good vibes are coming your way.