All About That Self Love

All About That Self Love

The Manipura Chakra is also know as the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It lies under the rib cage, and a few inches above the belly button.  It is associated with the color yellow and it’s our fire and energy center.  This chakra deals with our self-esteem, our self-love, our self-worth.  As well as our will power, our inner warrior, and a mental understanding of our emotional psyche.

When this chakra is out of balance it is either over-active or under-active.  For most of us we tend to swing between being overly active or under what is considered balanced.  If we are over-active we have a sense of entitlement, very judgmental, lack patience, work too much, and are usually emotionally stuck.  These types of people tend to be too busy to deal with their emotions.

When Manipura is under-active there’s low self esteem and selfworth.  These people usually overly value what others think/say and they are constantly seeking approval. They have a hard time trusting people, and they tend to have a lot of emotions and feelings that are constantly changing.  Anxiety, and depression also deal with this chakra being out of balance.

When the Manipura is in balance you have control of your thoughts and your emotions.  You know your place in the universe, and you have accepted your unique self from a place of love, and gratitude.  These people tend to show love, radiate joy and have a peaceful type of energy.

Below is a mini meditation to help balance out your Manipura Chakra.  Just the act of taking the time to show yourself some love will help to balance you out.

  • Lie on your back in a comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes, observe your breath.  Notice what moves as you inhale and as you exhale.
  • Start to lengthen out your breath, by inhaling for 4, pause, exhaling for 4, pause.  Do 10 rounds of this type of breathing.
  • Feel your body sink down into the floor.  Feel a sense of grounding/rooting as you exhale. As you view the breath moving into your body, imagine that breath rooting you down to the earth.
  • Place your hands over the Solar Plexus and envision the color yellow.  Feel your hands move up and down as you inhale and exhale.
  • Feel the warmth of the hands on the Manipura Chakra and feel the warmth from the chakra to your hands.  Repeat this affirmation:  I am enough, I am powerful, I am love.  Continue to say this mantra in your mind as you breath until all you are left saying is “love” on your exhales.
  • Remain in this position for as long as you can and observe how you feel.  Notice how the energy has shifted in your body. Let yourself feel what it is to just be present in your body.
  • When ready roll onto your right side, press yourself up and sit in a comfortable position.  Take a moment to be grateful and just view any changes you may have experienced.

This type of self-love meditation can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  Practice it daily for a month and journal the changes that you experience.